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The intuition is to use this lush, yet limited, natural product in fashions different from what it is usually expected. It is a new and innovative way of weaving the mother of pearl, continuously experimenting with colors and new designs.

Superlativa Shortology

Experience Luxury that's Good for the Planet!
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Unique Ingredient

Superlativa® is made from the leftovers of the oysters cultivated for the Pearl Industries in pristine oceans, making it usable for the industry
leftovers of the oysters cultivated for the Pearl Industries

Superlativa products hints


Glasses in Superlativa Pearl for high-fashion eyewear.
Glasses in Superlativa Pearl for high-fashion eyewear.


Superlativa®️ share a contemporary and artistic vision of a unique ingredient with the youth and vibrant new generations.
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A solution capable of creating unique and inimitable iridescent effects among mother of pearl and metal.
Nacre shoes mother of pearl footwear


A new interpretation of exclusivity and uniqueness in tune with the environment, meeting the level of excellence demanded by the most discerning customers.
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The Solution

Thanks to its experience in Research and Innovation, Superlativa® brand, aims at becoming a SUSTAINABLE LUXURY watermark ingredient for both production and sale of high-end exclusive products.
Pinctada Maxima white south sea pearls

our Goals

Mark a new generation of iconic products designed in agreement with the environmental and social commitment which has always been our hallmark. Become a landmark in R&D of solutions intended for sustainable luxury products.