Superlativa Brand Ambassador




What is the role of a Superlativa Brand Ambassador?

Our Brand Ambassador is the person who thanks to his strong creativity and initiative promotes Superlativa brand emphasizing his values . This can be implemented working as local Pr and sharing all news, on social media, blogs, both online and offline, participating at promotional or special events related to the brand . With the approval of the Superlativa management he can also arrange specific meetings connected to the launch of new products. The Superlativa BA wears our clothing even in the presence of his personal network of friends and acquaintances, relatives and colleagues.

He always must be concentrated in order to develop his network of contacts looking to obtain the maximum number of followers keeping his community constantly updated.


The benefits of being a Superlativa Brand Ambassador

The SBA will not just a part of the exclusive club S.U.N. (Superlativa United Nations) but he will be an active element in the business construction. We will provide him / her all the necessary tools in order to promote and sell products based on his personal network; based on his efforts and results we will be conferred many benefits, including the possibility to operate exclusively in the assigned areas as well as to coordinate and oversee other promoters.


What a Superlativa Brand Ambassador will concretely gets for his activity?

The candidate who passed the selection will immediately receive a WELCOME PACKAGE KIT composed by:

The New Superlativa Official Catalog

A Gift Cards Package that can be used only on and by his selected personal contacts.

A special discount code for personal purchases that can be used only on

The Superlativa card holder or Shirt (according to the current availability)


The SBA earnings are as follows

5 % net on the total of direct sales

10 % net on the total of indirect sales (carry out by people connected by the SBA like friends, acquaintances, relatives, occasionally promoters supervised by him).


Special Awards

An Extra Bonus of 2% for first “Bronze” target achievement (for a total of 1.000 euro of overall sales).

An Extra Bonus of 3% for the second ” Silver” target achievement (for a total of 5.000 euro of overall sales).

An Extra Bonus of 5% for the third “Gold” target achievement (for a total of 10.000 euro of overall sales).

The Superlativa Master : You are the King of Ambassadors because you achieved the premium target of 20.000 euro of overall sales and you deserve, in addition to the awards described above, a luxurious weekend in a secret location in Italy for you and your dearest person


How to became a Superlativa Brand Ambassador?

Become a candidate is very simple and quick, first we want to know why Superlativa attracts you and what would be your first action if we accept your application, to do this please send us an email to with your social profile and links.