Maintenance & Care

General information. Superlativa® slabs can be used for interior and exterior surfaces decoration, both floors and walls, artistic productions, application on wet surfaces or in contact with liquids in basic solutions. Superlativa® slabs have high scratch, chemical and thermal resistance and guarantee no water absorption. Our gloss finish is particularly resistant to stains and does not retain dirt, making it easy to clean.


Easy to clean. Superlativa® slabs have a surface without stains or halos. For everyday use, a wet cloth and a mild detergent is all that is required to maintain their beauty. Always wash with water and a soft cloth. Avoid rubbing with potentially abrasive materials.


Abrasion resistant. Superlativa® slabs offer considerable resistance to damages and are extremely durable. We recommend to pay high attention in order to preserve the aesthetics of the surface from alterations. Light scratches due to normal use (especially if on the floor) can be removed through a simple hand polishing process.


Do not use acids. Superlativa® slabs are protected by a non-porous paint, resistant to liquid. It is however advisable to avoid using liquids or acid solutions for cleaning. In the unlikely event of a spilling or an accidental contact with highly acidic substances, rinse the surface immediately by using a wet nonabrasive cloth.


Heat resistant. Superlativa® slabs withstand high temperatures in case of occasional and not prolonged contact with objects or hot liquids (max. Temperature 90 ° C). When used as a bearing or contact surface, we recommend to use protective materials resistant to heat and to avoid direct contact with heat sources, such as pots, pans, irons and open flames.




Avoid contact with:


Chemicals Alkali (acetone, caustic soda, etc.);


– Pure ammonia or ammonia-based cleaners;


Solvents in general; (for example, solvents to remove the enamel or paint solvents containing trichlorethylene and methylene chloride.)


Bleaching, oily soaps, inks and permanent markers;


Steel wool, abrasive cloths and micro-abrasives such as creams or powders;


– Strong detergents as those used for cleaning encrusted surfaces (strong acids);


– Transparent floor wax or wax-based products that may cause a loss of luster.


In case of contact with any of the above, it is strongly recommended to immediately wash off thoroughly with water. It is recommended not to abuse in the use of detergent substances and rinse well with water before drying surfaces.